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The Tag Line TMV (Take More Vacations) is my core life value. Work to Live is my way of life. Being a workaholic missing tons of kids’ events. My goal is to never let that happen to anyone EVER. 

‎Owning a Martial Arts School for 36 years, Efficiency Mentoring/Coaching for 31. He also gets you ‎out of debt normally in 4 years (none client 4–9 years), Business Debt, Mortgage, CC’s, Cars ‎EVERYTHING.‎

He solves the problem of having to spend your money, to wanting to spend your money, ‎FASTER than anyone else.‎

Speaking, Podcasts, The TMV Club TV Show his books 1st Book in 1993 You Are What You Habit, ‎Last Book Gaming To Win in 2021 Tons more in-between. ‎

‎🎤On Stage/TV/Podcasts Talking About TMVing Is The BEST!‎
TMV Steven Beaver
Efficiency Mentor/Coach
Paid Public Speaker & Author.  
TMV solves the problem of taking more vacations, by putting you out of work. If you leave your ‎business for a year & it has a 20% increase in revenue You Own A Business.‎
If it loses money, The Business Owns You. ‎

Get Skinny Avatars AND Fat Wallets, is his signature workshop. Let’s face it EVERYONE needs ‎more Customers. With his training, Marketing Gets Easier, Simpler Automated Systems, You See ‎Patterns Easier, Easier to see Solutions, Can Predict Trends, Time Spent on What Matters, Achieve ‎Mastery, More Sales
Make it Rain Money & Get More Customers You Like!‎
How I Monetize My Message: 
The TMV Club TONS of Free Material to build your business.‎
Don’t see what you need send me an email, w can make another just for you.‎
Service is the new profit! 

Everyone wears a sign MMFI (Make Me Feel Important).‎
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If the Message of TMVing with your family & Friends resonates with you. You made it past the 1st ‎round of My Avatar. Want to see if we are a fit & can get you to work less, make more money and ‎TMV? Go to my email & put in TMV ME. ‎
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